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When choosing a concreter you want to look for their reputability and reviews and ask if they are licenced. At Double D Concrete, we can assure you quality with a collection of licences, certifications & insurances you can rest assure you have hired the best company for your project.
Coloured concrete is when the colour is added to the concrete at the batch plant and the concrete arrives to the job as your desired colour. The typical finishes on this type are broomed or cove finish.
Stencil concrete is when we pour the concrete in its natural state then we lay a stencil over the concrete and roll in in to the surface. Then we hand throw the colour and trowel three coats in to the concrete and when it is dried to a certain stage we remove the stencil from the concrete to reveal the desired pattern you have chosen.
Exposed concrete is when you decide on a coloured stone to be mixed in the concrete. We then place the concrete and trowel it several times to get the surface ultra-smooth we then spray a sugar solution to the surface to slow the drying process of the surface. Then when it has reached a certain point in drying we then pressure wash the surface off to expose the stone you have chosen.
Yes we do, we have machinery that can remove you old concrete but this will incur additional charges.
We cover 90% of Sydney.
The driveway will dry in good weather conditions within a couple of days. It’s suggested to wait for at least a week before normal traffic on your driveway, this will ensure concrete is totally dried and strongly formed, and minimize the chance of cracking. Try to avoid heavy equipment/vehicle for at least 30 days after installation. Where possible, try to avoid moving vans and skip bins on your driveway as they are extremely heavy, and likely to destroy your driveway.